Short Videos for Stereo World Article: Insects in 3D Video

These 3D videos accompany the Stereo World magazine article Insects in 3D Video. Each video corresponds to an image pair in the article, are in the same order and have the same captions.

These are 3D YouTube videos and in case you are not familiar with viewing 3D YouTube videos, after you click play, simply click on the “3D” at the bottom right, if present, otherwise click on the “Gear symbol”  and select your favorite viewing technique. These include parallel and cross eye viewing, anaglyph and a few others including viewing on some smart 3D TVs and computers with a 3D monitor.  Click on the “Gear symbol” to pick the video resolution.  If you have trouble, try a different browser.

Ohio Wildlife Center was kind enough to give me permission to video at their Education Center and these 3D videos were captured there.  OWC’s works to foster awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s native wildlife.  I have been acquainted with them for many years and am happy there is such a dedicated group of people doing so much good for our local wildlife.  Find out more at:

Paper Wasps: Paper Wasp adding chewed wood pulp to its nest.

Honey Bees: Honey Bees at hive entrance.

Blister Beetles: Female Blister Beetle on weed with four male beetles.

Ant Humor: Ant attempting to cut prey free from spider web.  Flower Beetle crawling on it.

Spider Tickle:  Crab spider and caterpillar with spider attempting to dislodge a Shining Flower Beetle crawling on it.

Bumblebee: Close-up of bumblebee. Video switches back and forth between long and close views of the same bee.

Ambush Bug & Bee: Ambush bug attempting to capture a bee that came too close.

Butterflies Puddling: Male White butterfly drinking water with dissolved salts. Salts are used in reproduction.

Tiger Beetle Larva: Larva repairing its burrow. View is the underside of its head. Burrow is 2.5mm in diameter.

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  1. dwlvideo says:

    Please feel free to leave a comment.

  2. Mike says:

    Dennis, those are amazing!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Mike Ahern

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