Some of the”Risks” of Insect Videoing…

I always use a hat, sun screen and most of the season use mosquito repellant.

Set up on a subject and then look at the ground–usually there will be  poison ivy all around.  The one  time I forgot to tape my trousers to my hiking shoes (which I do to help keep ticks out), I got a bad case of poison  ivy on my leg–several inches above the bottom of the trousers–I don’t know how it got me there.  After I got a bad case of poison ivy on my wrist, I began wearing the top of tube socks on my wrist tucked into my long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeweler’s or film photographer’s white gloves.  I was still getting slight amounts of poison ivy on my knees and other places  on my lower and upper legs until I began wrapping the trouser legs in adhesive plastic.  I may look strange, but I prefer not to get poison ivy.

Of course there are other risks.  putting your hand somewhere and then after being stung noticing that there was a bee or wasp resting there.  You don’t want to run or even walk  fast if the trail is not really clear.  There are always  old fences with woven wire and/or barb wire and animal dens where you will step into the entrance.  The last time I  did that I had stepped  back one foot from videoing the camouflaged caterpillar right onto such an opening.  There was nothing to  do but sit down right there unless I  wanted to fall backwards.

Then there are the risks I have not yet thought of or encountered…

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